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Take control of your calls

A simple and intuitive app to manage your calls in a smart way.

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Orange Phone video
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Orange Phone

Enhance your calling experience

Orange Phone replaces your default dialer application on your Android phone to provide you with more advanced features such as anti-spam, call blocking, an integrated reverse directory, the costs of premium numbers and the list of emergency numbers.

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Avoid spam calls app

Be protected from spam calls

The new Orange Phone application detects unwanted calls before picking up. You can also easily report and block spam numbers so you won't be bothered again. With Orange Phone, you can put an end to malicious and harassing phone calls.

Know who's calling you

A call from an unknown number? Identify instantly unknown business numbers who call you even if the numbers are not stored in your phonebook

Call rate information

Find out the cost of premium rate calls

Before calling a premium number, Orange Phone let you know the additional costs of your call so there won't be any bad surprises.

Quickly access emergency numbers

The list of emergency numbers is accessible directly from the dialpad of your application for whatever country you’re in (Police, Ambulance, Fire brigade).